Dr Rajan Sankaran

Autoimmune Diseases

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, M.D. (Hom.), F.S. Hom (UK) is a homoeopath, thinker, teacher and author who is known around the world for his revolutionary concepts in homoeopathy.

As a boy, he would help his father, Dr. P. Sankaran in repertorizing cases, which made him well versed with the repertory from a very young age. His conviction in homoeopathy was born out of the direct witnessing his father’s practice and also as result of learning from many senior homoeopaths like Dr. S. R. Phatak, Dr. B.N Chakraborty and Dr. Sarabhai Kapadia.

He began his practice in 1981, soon after he graduated from the C.M.P.H. Medical College, Mumbai, where he later served as the Associate Professor of Repertory. His idea of disease being a delusion was a path-breaking concept that has laid the foundation of a new era in homoeopathy. He developed the concepts of Sensation, Kingdom, and Levels of Experience and added many more miasms to the existing ones. He thus pioneered a right brained approach to homoeopathy. He advocated and practiced the synergistic use of the classical and contemporary methods in case analysis.

He has a rich clinical experience of more than 35 years in practice which he now disseminates among students and practitioners as the head of ‘the other song: International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’, Mumbai, India, besides teaching in seminars in many countries.

He has a busy practice in Mumbai where he guides patients to health, not only through medicinal treatment but also concurrently through the right diet, inner witnessing processes and meditation. His practice is based on a holistic approach in healthcare founded on empathy and compassion.

Dr Farokh Master

Bedside Cases

Dr. Farokh Master is India’s first M.D. in homoeopathy who stood First Class First with Gold Medal. He is the first Indian to be honoured by the House of Lords, UK for propagation of Homoeopathic Systems of Medicine and to introduce homoeopathy in Allopathic Modern Hospitals and private sector.

He is independently practicing as homoeopathic Physician at Homoeopathic Health Center, Mumbai with over 29 years of experience in homoeopathic consultation all over the world. He is the first Indian homoeopath to start his own Homoeopathy Schools in Europe & USA under the name of Dr. Farokh Master Summer School. This school is currently run in more than 6 countries. Dr. Master is rated as Top 10 Best Homoeopathic Doctors in the world by Pioneer University, Oxon U.K. Members of the Board of the Pioneer Homoeopathic Academy of U.K conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Homoeopathy in 2006. He is recognised and acknowledged worldwide for his contribution in the treatment of Cancer & Homoeopathy at St. Lukas Clinic of Tumor - Switzerland; Madame Curie Institute of Cancer - Paris, France; Chicago Children’s General Hospital - U.S.A. etc. Dr. Master has been recipient of several National and International Awards / Honours for outstanding contribution to Classical Homoeopathy, Cancer & Homoeopathy, Homoeopathic Education and other alternative therapies. He is the author of 55 enlightening and informative books on a variety of topics.

He is a former Member of Central Council of Homoeopathy (for 10 years), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. A prolific writer, orator, teacher and physician, he has travelled to nearly 40 countries and makes 12-15 international trips per annum. He has been invited to lecture at various institutions in India and abroad on a variety of topics related to health, homoeopathy and alternative medicine.

He is currently associated with Parsee General Hospital, Bombay Hospital, K E M Hospital, Bai Jerbai Wadia Children’s Hospital, Nowrosjee Wadia Maternity Hospital in Mumbai and Ruby Hall in Pune.

Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar

Cancer Cases

Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar – the man who makes you want to believe in homoeopathy even more! His determination, his passion for Homoeopathy is unmovable. Dr. Sarkar is one of the busiest Homoeopathic Practitioners in the city of Kolkata, seeing over 100 patients per day.

Having learnt under Gurus of homoeopathy like Dr. Dubey, Dr. P. C. Paul & alike, he is an authority in Indian drugs & rare drugs. He is a teacher in the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, Arizona, USA. He is an ex-professor at NIH (National Institute of Homoeopathy), Kolkata.

Dr. Sarkar’s tremendous success in pathological cases has compelled the rest of the homoeopathic world to witness what he is doing and how he is doing it. He is currently doing PhD in Cancer. He is invited from all over India and the world to share his experiences in pathological and cancer cases.

Dr. Sarkar habitually gives examples of clinical situations, along with clinical symptoms of the patient. He then shows us where the peculiarity can be found, even in the black and white symptoms and he reveals the hidden values in the pages of our Materia Medica and Repertory.

He specializes in all types of cancer cases, seeing at least 50 cancer cases daily. Dr. Sarkar is a dedicated and voracious reader of the Materia Medica, Repertory and Clinical Medicine. He is a master of Allen’s Keynotes, Boericke’s Materia Medica, Kent’s Repertory and Pulford’s Materia Medica.

His affinity and desire for reading, depth of understanding, innovative thinking and extensive clinical practice, have created a unique approach, which is inclusive of his case-taking method, follow-ups and potency section. He is also author of the book ‘Just You See’ which is very popular amongst the homoeopathic fraternity.


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